thumb|300px|rightthumb|300px|rightTHE FIRST STRONGEST-is sakon having the ability to merg and destory cell and organs.

THE SECOND STRONGEST-kidomaru he can summon spiders make webs create giant arrows.

THE THIRD STRONGEST-is tatyuya she can use sound she can controll three monsters

THE FOURTRH STRONEST-is jirobo he has super strength [he thinks he is stronger than sakon highly unliky]

[[Category:was when sasuke decided he wonted to work with orchimaru and they were sapose to body guard they all were defeated with the edception of kimmimoru he had to conced becase of a illness and he wasn't realy in the groupe long he however was the most powerfulest of them all combined but some of the group however almost killed the leaf but the sand ninja sibling got involved ]]

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