granny chiyo' is one of the greatest pupeter ninja of her time she is skilled in battel she even had fought tsnade in the great ninja war 2' she had trouble fighting tsnade she mad a cure for every posin she had eventualy she retired the pupet bragad with her ebizo they staed in their home with a privet fish pool they wernt called in to action tell the akatsuki invaded the sand village and kidnapped gaara she went with kakashi who she mistaked for his father and with sakura and narutothen they batteled her granson sasori after wards she gave her life to gaara she wont apper tell later when she is revived along with other by the soul society

dark signersEdit

she revived along with many other by the leader of the soul socity to attack the leaf village she sees sakura and tsnade but when sasori and her attacked she blocked sasori s attack breaking her of the cures seal and they beat him again she join the good guys and go bakc to the sand village and join other fights with the soul city and akastuki.


pupet mastering-she uses chackra trings and controll people and pupets

human pupet-turn her body and other in to pupets

life-the ability to give your life to some one else

heal-to regeneraate lost wounds

she is skillful in kung fu